Ausstellung/Gartenkunst, Vortrag/Praesentation


Daniela Trost, OT, Bildausschnitt 2023

The artistsMałgorzata Goździk, Zhenia Jane Laptiy, Rosa Rendl, Laura Schawelka & Daniela Trost invite us to contemplate, marvel, fathom and reflect.

17:15 Opening concert by Rosa Rendl.

Opening by The City mayoress of Graz Elke Kahr and Christina Töpfer (Editor-in-Chief of Camera Austria).

They tie their aspects of life and experience into photographic, drawn or painted  inventories that could be their own as well as those of their fellow world. In other words, access is created to empathic moments that imagine understanding and the drawing together of humanity into an unconditional concept of survival.

Aesthetics in art is a communicative event that can also transcend tasteful fashionable dimensions. The disturbing, shows situations from which escaping is an all-too-human endeavour, but also encourages us to find solutions in order to learn to deal with them.

What is essential, however, is that in man’s paradisiacal longing for harmony, it must become clear that happy moments lie in the past and the future and that we must become aware of transience. Making a contribution to happy moments is now up to each, every one of us.


Małgorzata Goździk (Polen)

Documentary film director, painter, dancer; graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. Her interest in psychology and movement led her to work with the medium of film. As part of her Master’s degree she made a short documentary film “The Cake”(2017), which was screened at Jihlava Film, Warsaw Film Festival, Koszalin Debut Film Festival “The Youth and Film” and won the Grand Prize of the Main Competition of the 11th International Documentary Film Festival “Okiem Młodych” in Świdnica, Poland (an important competition for young filmmakers in Poland).
Her latest documentary project, “Dance with me, dad” was funded by the renowned producer Studio Munk (in cooperation with the Polish Film Institute) as part of the “First Documentary” programme and is currently in post-production. Since 2020 Małgorzata has moved her residence to Graz and is now establishing herself on the local art and film market.

Małgorzata Goździk, Filmstill THE CAKE

2017 “Tort”/ eng.The Cake” 17’53”
Directed, shot and edited by: Małgorzata Goździk

Sisters Ema and Zosia have lived together for most of their lives. They are both very hospitable and passionate about organising parties. In recent years, their situation has changed as their gradual loss of sight causes more and more difficulties. Nevertheless, the sisters do not want to stop being active. So they take on a challenge as great as baking a walnut cake.

The young Ukrainian artist Jane Laptiy, found a “rocket of destruction” in her home garden in Kharkiv and asked us if we could implement a project in the kunstGarten, showing a bomb in black soil in a raised bed, from which lilies slowly grow and then open their white fragrant flowers. She writes: I thought of this project as a metaphorical project about reviving life.

Zhenia Jane Laptiy.Work in Progress REVIVING LIFE, 2022-23

Tagebücher aus der Ukraine

Yevgenia Laptii is 30 years old. She was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and graduated from the Kharkiv Art Academy of Design and Art (specialising in “Art History”). She has participated in various group and solo exhibitions in Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Austria. She is a prize winner of the NonStopMedia competition 2018. (DeepL)

Statement of the artist

I started my career as a photographer in 2016, when I started my first photo project inspired by the culture of romance and nature of the village where I lived. The village in Kharkiv region, where I moved to in 2016, has played a big role in my development as an artist.

Rosa Rendl was born in Baden in 1983 and lives and works in Vienna. She studied fashion at the Linz University of Art and photography at the University of the Arts London. She works multidisciplinarily, but primarily with photography, music and fashion.
Current exhibition: UNWORD/REJECTION (with Ketty La Rocca), MLZ Art Dept, Trieste
Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, including Georg Kargl Fine Arts (Vienna), Belvedere21 (Vienna), Neuer Essener Kunstverein (Essen), Salzburger Kunstverein (Salzburg) and Bodega (New York).

Laura Schawelka *1988 in Munich.
Lives and works in Berlin
2015 Master of Fine Arts, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia, California, USA.
2013 Master student, State University of Fine Arts, Städelschule, Frankfurt.

Laura Schawelka
30×40 cm
Archival Inkjet Print


2019 Q21 viennacontemporary Artist-in-Residence Prize, Vienna
2017 Studio Grant Paris, Hessian Cultural Foundation
2016 Rema Hort Mann Foundation Community Engagement Grant
2014 Dean’s Grant, California Institute of the Arts
2013 One-Year Fulbright Fellowship for Graduate Students
2008 Prize of the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank for the Städelschule Tour.

Numerous exhibitions worldwide since 2008.

Daniela Trost
studied photography at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and lives and works as a photographer in Vienna.














Daniela Trost 09:21am, 2023, Photoprint/Acryl