Irmi Horn, Photo Anais Horn


Irmi Horn
Irmi Horn <>
phon: +43 (0) 316262787
mobil: +43 (0) 69919273466




Reinfrid Horn


Reinfrid Horn
technical director, library, art gardener
Reinfrid Horn <>
phon: +43 (0) 316262787
mobil: +43 (0) 69911852905





Laetitia Schriebl, HWS Schrödinger, 7. Juli – 4. August 2024

Garden-Assistant Mark Schweiger, Feb 2024 –  uniT GmbH

Garden-Assistent Sarah Winter ( May- Dec 2023-1. Fe. 2024 – UniT GmbH) & Kunstgärtner Reinfrid Horn





Elisabeth Zuparic, 2019

Iris Kaspar, MA & Minzo, Assistenz 2016/17

Bianca Molinato, Assistenz 2017/2018




Verena Kassar, MA Assistent 2015/16





  • Second Place: The best 15 museums in Graz
  • kunstgarten was chosen by The Culture Trip 2015 as one of the 7 TOP PARKS 2015 in Graz.t
  • In 2015 DVA published the book KUNSTGARTENKUNST by the landscape gardener and author Cordula Hamann, which presents only the kunstGarten and the sculpture park (Joanneum Graz) from various gardens in Europe.
  • In 2014 kunstGarten received a special award from the BKA in recognition of its cultural work.
  • kunstGarten and the GARTENLABYRINTH (Hartmut Skerbisch) in the Dr. Schlossarpark/Auf der Tändelwiese are declared as places of wellbeing for a consciously healthy life in the Wohl-Fühl-Kompass / Kompas dobrega pocutja (EU-Project), which was presented on 3.2.2012 in the Graz City Hall (- available here: City of Graz Mayor’s Office, City Hall, Porter in the City Hall) Since the City of Graz was again responsible for the maintenance of the GARTENLABYRINTH from 2012, no further action has been taken against the box borer. Unfortunately, this largest sculpture by the Styrian artist degenerated into a gstättn until 2019, when, at our insistence and with the support of KIÖR, the city of Graz agreed to restore it with “Evergreen Honeysuckle” (Lonicera nitida).  We would like to thank the Kulturamt Graz (Michael A. Grossmann) very much!
  • kunstGarten was nominated for the Austrian National Tourism Award 2007 “Garden of Eden Austria” –  Staatspreis Tourismus 2007 “Garten Eden Österreich” .
  • Golden Decoration of Honour of the Province of Styria as an award for cultural achievements for Irmi & Reinfrid Horn, November 2017

    Irmi & Reinfrid Horn were awarded Golden Decoration of Honour of the Province of Styria by Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer for their cultural work in the kunstGarten on 13 November 2017. We would like to thank all those who have accompanied and supported us on this journey! A festive tribute to the laureates Irmi & Reinfrid by the state gouverneur of Styria Hermann Schützenhöfer: Golden Medal of Honour of the State of Steiermark.

  • NATUR IM GARTEN provides an insight from 7th of October 2018
  • Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur – Hunger for art and culture: In the understanding of human rights, kunstGarten wants to give free access to those people who unfortunately cannot afford to enter our museum due to their current living situation – by means of the KulturPass campaign “Hunger for Art & Culture”. Participation in selected programmes is also free. kunstGarten will im Verständnis der Menschenrechte auch jenen Menschen, die sich aufgrund ihrer momentanen Lebenssituation den Eintritt in unser Museum leider nicht leisten können, den freien Zutritt – mittels KulturPass-Aktion „Hunger auf Kunst & Kultur“ ermöglichen. Teilnahme an ausgewählten Programmen sind ebenfalls frei.
  • Steiermark-Card: With the Steiermark-Card you can visit our museum and the exhibitions from April 1 to October 31 as often as you like with free admission. Further information under:
  • We are happy if existing memberships (€ 7 per year) are transferred in time to our account kunstGarten, IBAN: AT192081503900504139, BIC: STSPAT2GXXX and also about donations for our online programme!
    USt-ID-NR: ATU61501967 // ZVR: 834075080 // KUR: R020X1382


Internship 2021

Elias-Gabriel Hartner, HTLBA Ortwein für Kunst und Design mit dem Schwerpunkt Bildhauerei, Juli 2021

Alina Neubauer, HLW Schrödinger (Sep-Okt)

Anna Probst, HLW Schrödinger (August 2021)




Jasmin Macek, HTLBA – 2.  HKUK, August 2021


Internship 2020

Maria Magdalena Kasalo, HLW Schrödinger 2019/2020

Julia Pacher, HLW Schrödinger, 2020

Johanna Wieser, HLW Schrödinger

Johanna Kubas, GIBS Graz, Praktikum ab Juni 2020

Annika Cresnik, HLW Schrödinger (Praktikum ab August 2020)

Sarah Angerer, HLW Schrödinger

Josephine Günther, HTL Ortweinschule, ab Sep 2020





Lisi Pressl, MA Assistent 2018 – 2019

Elisabeth Zuparic, 2019





Martin Kollmann, Student 2020




Internship 2019

Patricia Gschier, K-F-Uni Graz (Apr – Aug)

Karoline Lepold, HLW Schrödinger 2019

Kashyap Saraf, Atempo 2019







Assistenz ab 2020: Patricia Gschier, BA



Mag. aphil. Juliane Maria Nitsch, Assistent 20210901- 20220201

Assistent 2018
Bianca Molinatto, MA (Jan – Aug 2018)

Bianca Molinatto






Internship 2018

Valentin Meneau, MA (Musikologie), Apr- May)

Valentin Meneau, MA
Praktikum /Internship 2018








Marie-Theres Jud, HLW Schrödinger (Juli – August)

Marie-Theres Jud





Kalpana Shrestha Rai, AMS ( 13. 9. – 9. 10. 2018)

Kalpana Shrestha Rai

Tanja Kos, ATEMPO (Mai-Okt 2018)

Fiona de Fontana (Jul-Aug 2018), BOKU Wien

Tanja Kos

Fiona de Fontana
Praktikum, Jul-Aug 2018







Iris Kasper

Iris Kasper
assistant (2016 – 2017 –  7 hours weekly)
phon: +43 (0)316262787
mobil: +43 (0) 664 8233836

visual image, webdesign


INTERNSHIP 2017 Bianca Molinatto (Ca’Foscari University)  15Th July – 30Tth September, Carina Schnalzer (K.-F. Uni Graz) Jul -Sep





Bianca Molinatto (Ca’Foscari University)  15. Jul – 30. Sept, Julia Robin (K.-F. Uni Graz) September 2017

INTERNSHIP for pupils and students!
Please send your application form including your vita, copies of testemonies to:

Sara Mustedanagic/HLW Schrödinger, Christine Simmerer (K-F Uni Graz), Michaela Christandl (K-F Uni Graz), Magdalena Mandl/HLW Schrödinger, Pauline Konrad/HLW Schrödinger, Simone Kandler (K-F Uni Graz)