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kunstGarten can be rented by arrangement for 1 – 3 hours.

Space rental including VAT.

(period between 10:00 – 21:30 – except on days when there is a programme in the kunstGarten)

1 hour / 2 hours  / 3 hours

Stage, up to 18 seats, toilet   33,- / 50,- / 66,-

Stage, up to 30 seats, toilet   55,- / 70,-  / 110,-

Technician / sound system / beamer 22,- / 44,- / 66,-


What you will learn with us:

*Coordination of all administrative processes / Exhibition and programme organisation in general, especially in the Kunstraum Garten / Publicity / Press work / Archiving / Research (practical and digit.)

*Visitor support: reception in the exhibition areas Garden / Library / Catering
*artist support
*artistic-scientific and commercial organisation
*Exhibition organisation and furnishing of indoor and outdoor spaces: theatre, reading, performance, concert, exhibition, film // Dramaturg. Programme conception
*acquisition of basic and specialised horticultural knowledge / use in kunstGarten and public spaces
*Use of technical equipment such as beamer, video camera, photo camera, sound system …

What applicants should bring with them:
*Interest in art and culture in general, especially in books and garden, contemporary art,
*Knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Exel, Mac InDesign is desirable.
*German and English very good, written and spoken.


Research, artist referral: 0043(0)316262787 or

Consultation hour à € 22,00.


Duplicates from our gardening book collection and various practical hand-forged gardening tools recommended by kunstGarten – e.g. the narrow pointed spade by A. Sneeboer & Zn and others – can be purchased at a special price!

Stange Stories

Stange Stories € 18,00
New publication by Keiper 2018 – available in the kunstGarten:
Consequences – Strange Stories contains two stories as inventories of the human species in the structure of a welfare state, in which abysses and desires, right and wrong, loyalty and betrayal are negotiated in critical-ironic but also powerful-poetic language.
Between dream and reality, caricatures are drawn of people who, on closer inspection, could be neighbours and require certain attention.

Opera Lassing
Grimmen makes history
An encounter with different realities of the obvious and the hidden.
A fictional scenario following a catastrophe in the village of Grimmen becomes a caricaturing satire: life in the countryside, unemployment and cultural remoteness, ideas of life in specific environments shaped by neo-liberalism after the sell-out of the state, the situation of young people, violence and abuse and the compensating “happiness” of wellness and tourism are addressed realistically but also satirically.

Valerie Eckstein or the Dyslexia of the Mirror deals with the positioning of man within tradition and avant-garde, between individualism and conformity, power and powerlessness, between actual and ought: reality and imagination flow into each other.
Starting with two different people, life situations are touched upon. The identities of the protagonists begin to blur. The phenomenon of being affected illustrates the preciousness of the time of life that every living being has.

Irmi Horn, born 1945 in Graz, worked as a teacher, actress and co-director of the forum stadtpark theatre after her studies. She lives and works as an author, director, actress and artistic director of kunstGarten in Graz. She has been involved in arts and cultural management since her student days and received the Golden Decoration of Honour of the Province of Styria for her commitment in 2017.

Second hand garden books

Hand forged stainless steel garden tools p. e. Perennial Spade – Firma A. Sneeboer & Zn – is at kunstGarten available at unusually low price.

Art p. e. 


Vida Hackman “Charlotte Corday”Collage aus Druckteilen, 42″ x 30”

Kimono Variations 1 – Mischtechnik/Collage
handsigniert, nummeriert, Auflage: 1 Exemplar.
BüttenPapier 53x79cm