Austria is reading! Ingeborg Bachmann: KRIEGSTAGEBUCH

Ingeborg Bachmann-Cover Photo - Horn

2011, English, Book edition:War diary / Ingeborg Bachmann ; with letters from Jack Hamesh ; edited by Hans Höller ; translated by Mike Mitchell. Bachmann, Ingeborg, 1926-1973.

Ingeborg Bachmann telling stories from March to June  1945, the first story could be from September 1944 were she became teacher during the last months of the war.

Irmi Horn will read from KRIEGSTAGEBUCH in German language.remembering Austrian history and the cruel results of human enmity and violent readiness in the same country.

A series of sketches, depicting the last months of World War II and the first year of the subsequent British occupation of Austria.

Irmi Horn, Photo Anais Horn



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