Ausstellung/Gartenkunst, Film/Public Viewing, Literatur/Performance

ORF Long Night of Museums 2022

kunstGarten has participated in the Long Night of Museums since 2005.

Programme 2022

18:00 -19:00 Guided tour through the exhibitions  ROCHADE works by  Eilert AsmervikAdrian Buschmannİlkin Beste Çırak Nigel Gavus und Sigrid Mau  and ARCHIV HORTOPIA: Kunst.Garten.Bibliothek

19:00 -19:30 * Irmi Horn (voice) & Henrik Sande (piano) interpret OCTOBER by Louise Glück.

19:40 – 20:10 / 20:15 – 20:45 Shadow & Light
The 30-minute short film by Marlen Schachinger & Paolo Vivian (AT 2021) is about the meaning and relevance of art.

21:00 – 00:00 * Library, Artists Short Cuts & kunstGarten-Dokus
The audience learns about the programme taking place in the kunstGarten throughout the year.

kunstGarten links contemporary art and science with the natural and cultural space of the garden. The collection “Archive Hortopia: Art.Garden.Library”, the exhibitions and a varied programme create a meeting place for communication and knowledge transfer.

In order to bring art closer to people who are far removed from culture in the sense of human rights, kunstGarten has been showing works of contemporary art to all passers-by via Street Gallery since 2019.

Dance your way into a host of museums under a silvery moon, starry sky, or dark blanket of night fog (depending on the weather Graz throws at you) in this annual evening of museum festivities.