Musik/Music, Vortrag/Praesentation



Born on April 21st,1979., Rovinj, Croatia is the guitarplayer and singer  a big fan of acoustic and electric guitar. All his passion for music started when hearing the blues at the age of 8 cause his parents are passionate fans of music in general even nowdays. Sanjin started his music journey with drums at the age of 14,t hen turned direction to piano playing for 4 years and after that fell in love with the guitar and it is still his biggest passion and love.
Sanjin played all over Croatia but also in Amsterdam, London, Milano….on various festivals, gigs, tv shows with his band but today he is a solo artist/performer known as “BANE” trying to make his own kind of music and writing/playing his own songs.
It is important to emphasize that Sanjin played in Memphis (USA) at the “30th International Blues Challenge” as a representative of Croatia for the SOLO category held after the 5th Croatian Blues Challenge, where the official jury after his performance unanimously decided that it would be Sanjin Croatian representative on the roof worldwide event that brings together representatives from all over the world! The feedback was very positive and generated new valuable contacts and cooperation between USA / Canada – Croatia!
Also….Sanjin played in Paris (France) at the big EUROMUSIC CONTEST on June 30th, 2014. He rapresented his country of Croatia in the big Finals at the famous DIVAN DU MONDE! Sanjin made it to the Finals through 40 countries in the whole Europe which is a big success for him but also for his country of Croatia cause he is the first one in history of Croatia who made it to the Finals in such a big competition for the whole Europe!

His music may not be incorporated into a unique musical direction or style. In short words given … he loves and plays rock, blues, jazz, fusion, soul, funky, latin … it is the wide range of combination of all these styles and directions, filled with his heart and soul … as for the acoustic and the electric guitar.


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