Printmaking Day: Review and Present – Special Exhibition 15th – 18th of March

Drucke der Meisterklasse Josef Fürpaß - Ortweinschule Graz 2023

On 15 March, the entry of traditional printing techniques in the Federal Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the German UNESCO Commission will be celebrated as Printmaking Day.

kunstGarten is participating with a programme featuring Barbara Hammer, woodcuts from the series SÜDBAHN, 2022 and Josef Fürpaß, printed works from the master school and presentation of some issues of the Zurich magazine SPEKTRUM from the years 1978 – 1992, which were still produced in lead type or from original printing blocks in letterpress at the Duckerei STUTZ in Wädenswil.


Barbara Hammer, Serie SÜDBAHN 2022, Holzschnitt – woodcut

Barbara Hammer was born in 1954 in Graz, where she still lives and works as an artist.

She has been intensively involved in painting and printmaking since 1986. She continued her education in Berlin and Dresden in the context of summer academies as well as in the Graphic Workshop Dresden (Technical Collection).

In her art, Barbara Hammer deals intensively with contemporary events and takes a stand on threats and injustice. The deficits in dealing with human rights are currently the focus of her works. Her most recent etchings are contemporary socio-political statements.

She has already presented her works in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

Member of the Professional Association of Fine Artists of Austria and the International Association of Woodcutters XYLON, Section Austria.

Josef Fürpaß BANDONEON

Josef Fürpaß, born 1960, lives as a book designer, draughtsman & bandoneonist in Graz and St. Katharein an der Laming/Austria.

He is a founding member of the DruckZeug association, was the operator & programme designer of the Keplerkoje in Graz from 2012 to 2014, he is dedicated to the design possibilities at the interface of the fields of typography, letterpress, (print) graphics & literature in terms of content and form.

Since 2011 lecturer at the Master School for Art & Design at the Ortweinschule in Graz.

Spektrum 1990