Literatur/Performance, Musik/Music, Vortrag/Praesentation


Performance: SOPHIE CALLE/ Irmi Horn & Henrik Sande

Irmi Horn & Henrik Sande (piano) create the Covid 19 substitute program: Literature & Music.

Irmi Horn introduces Sophie Calle and some of her texts.


Sophie Calle is a contemporary French conceptual artist (born 1953 in Paris) whose work explores both her own and others’ biographies. She works in a range of art genres, including photography, film, and text, and her thoroughly controversial projects often involve extensive documentation of her subjects’ life stories. For her work Address Book (1983), she used a stranger’s found address book to examine every aspect of his life. She questioned people noted in it about its owner, and in this way constructed a revealing portrait. For another project, she hired on as a maid at a hotel to probe the lives of guests. She describes her impulse to follow other people this way, “Creating rules and following them is restful. When you shadow someone, you don’t have to wonder where you’re going to eat. They take you to their restaurant. The choice is made for you.” Born Oct. 9, 1953, in Paris, Calle studied with Jean Baudrillard after traveling the world for years. Upon her return to Paris, she began shadowing strangers like a private detective and documenting them. She described it as a way to re-acclimate herself to Paris. Calle lives and works in the French capital and continues to explore themes of intimacy, identity, and the relationship between herself and her subjects.