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Musician lesson: Duo deeLinde & Emiliano Sampaio

DeeLinde & Emiliano Sampaio (c) Reithofer

Duo deeLinde & Emiliano Sampaio

deeLinde is a Styrian musician known for her versatility. In addition to her numerous projects as a cellist, instrumentalist and singer, she is a sought-after speaker at workshops. Her main focus is on ensemble playing of traditional dance music, as well as the vocal form of yodelling, which is native to Austria.

Emiliano Sampaio comes from Brazil and settled in Austria in 2012, where his artistic practice as a guitarist, trombonist, composer and conductor combines with his scientific production, resulting in a colourful sound production between small and large ensemble music.

This duo is the conglomeration of, for the time being, almost contrary approaches, which are reflected in an extremely exotic result. DeeLinde and Emiliano Sampaio work in a constant crossover between Brazilian music, Austrian folk music, jazz and classical traditions. The result is folk music at its best essence, where melody, harmony and rhythm organically merge into a musical message.


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