Literatur/Performance, Musik/Music


Barbara Frischmuth & Juan Carlos Sungurlian

Literature & Music: Barbara Frischmuth will read and be musically accompanied by Juan Carlos Sungurlian (oud).

The great Austrian author BARBARA FRISCHMUTH will read in kunstGarten.

The author is deeply rooted in her home town, where she has been living again for over two decades. Her literary garden books tell us that she is also closely connected with nature. Her new book “NATURE and the Attempts to Approach it with Language” is different. Nature and culture cannot be separated from each other. They constantly intertwine, whether visibly or invisibly, occasionally without harmonising. Since time immemorial, man has tried to tame nature, to subdue it. The more spectacularly he succeeds, the less he thinks about how dependent he still is on it. This is most evident in the language we use to try to name and describe nature, whether narrative, poetic, factual or scientific. In her essay, Barbara Frischmuth attempts to show how nature is spoken of in everyday life, literature, culture and science. To underestimate nature would be life-threatening. To appreciate it, even to love it, is a humane realisation. Residenzverlag, 2021

“Your Shadow Dances in the Kitchen”. Aufbau-Verlag 2021, 224 pages also published 2021.

The dexterous musician  will play his oud between the texts and inspire the breadth of thought that Barbara Frischmuth wisely, cheerfully and with humour calls for in her texts, which deal with people’s living conditions.


  • Please make reservations not later than 12 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787. Observe Covid 19 measures! Indoors 3 G! Maske!