Literary Performance DIE WELLEN

DIE WELLEN Irmi Horn (c)AnaisHorn

Premiere (Text editing by Irmi Horn, based on Virginia Woolf), series WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

With  Irmi Horn  and the voices by Elias-Gabriel Hartner, Katja Hendling,  Reinfrid Horn, Wera Köhler,  Cecilia Servatius,  Heinz Trenczak.

Regie: Irmi Horn
Choreographic Intervention:  Jadi Carboni
Dramaturgian Assistent: Cecilia Servatius
Regie assistent: Elias-Gabriel Hartner
Inspizient: Anna Probst

Virginia Woolf’s colourfully orchestrated evocation of the development of Bernard, Louis, Neville, Rhoda, Jinny and Susan – six very voices – her artful portrayal of the artful portrayal of the ebb and the ebb and flow of their sensual and intellectual experience represents one of the most radical experiments in twentieth-century twentieth century. From sunrise to sunset under the eternal waves of the sea we can find a symbol for the life stages of the protagonists:
Their maturation and their exposure to the world around them and their influences, the culture of
society, nature: phenomena that shape life and experience from life from childhood to death.

Since the version with a dancer could be postponed due to illness and then after some rehearsals could not be realised because of further absences due to post-operative pain, the text is now presented in a one woman performance.

Following performances: 26, 27, 28, 29 August  at 19:00


  • Please make reservations not later than 2 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787