Those corinthian Authors …

Österreich liest - wegen COVID 19 - in den Sommer-Garten verlegt!


Maria Alraune Hoppe

Mario Oppelmayer

Sebastian Weiss (guitar)








Maria Alraune HoppeBorn in Düshorn, Germany. An occupational therapist and validation trainer according to Naomi Feil, M.A. Hoppe has lived, studied and worked in Sweden, Carinthia/ Austria, Munich, and Vienna. Currently, she lives in Klagenfurt. Since her youth she has been writing––mostly secretly, sometimes with reference to specific occasions––in various genres, such as poetry, prose, specialist articlesfairy tales, short stories, and satire. She makes documentary films, does music improvisations, and plays electronic music.

Publication of short stories in various anthologies.
Nominated at the Bleiburg Literary Competition 2018 for her story ORETI.
2017, Tinte im Weißwein. Volume of stories, ISBN 9783902608796
2019, Auf der Suche nach Man. Im Schatten des zeitlosen Seins. Novel, ISBN 9783902608956

Mario Oppelmayer 

will read lyrics and prosa.

Wir gehn an den sozialen Rändern verloren.
In der politischen Mitte schlafen wir ein.
Steigen wir hoch, fehlt uns das Mitleid.
Fallen wir, trifft uns dazu noch ein heimtückisch geworfener Stein.

Mario Oppelmayer, born 1959, he grew up in Carinthia.  His life was always very emotional moved and restless like a turn on a cross sea.  After a time working as a social worker he felt ill, followed by an early retirement. After some study terms in psychology at Karl-Franzens-University in Graz he started his writing.  He is living and writing in Graz since 2013. Here he is finalizing the last turn of psychotherapy.


Musical intervention:

Sebastian Weiss is a young guitarist and composer. He is currently studying jazz guitar at the Gustav Mahler Private University in Klagenfurt in the class of Professor Agostino Di Giorigio. Through Sebastian’s enthusiasm for many different musical styles, his playing is influenced by jazz, classical music, but also pop and electronic music.


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