Ausstellung/Gartenkunst, Film/Public Viewing

ME & YOU: Sensibility & sense – opening


Beba Fink,  Karin Petrowitsch (film), Edda Strobl (comics/pictures), StrOblak = Edda Strobl & Renate Oblak (video-installation), Bishwajit Goswami – installation (Bangladesh) & as guest Claudia Kohler, pupil / HTBLVA Graz – Ortweinschule HLA für Art & Design – Keramik Art Craft 

Welcome:Town councillor Dr. Günter Riegler
Opening speaker: Kunsthistorikerin Iris Kasper

Afterwards 14:00 concert BANSURI Indian Classic  and ca 15:00 Artist’s Talk with the involved artists and  Bishwajit Goswami’s wife: TANIA SULTANA (called Brishti), also a professional artist.

5 artists are using mixed media to portray and present their impressions of living in this world humorously in a gay, ironical, oppressive heavy or critical way.

They are investigating the relationship with their own cognition, their own willing and  the recognition and respect oft the other living. In a different manner they are shining a light on the needs of earth-living and also on their denial and prohibition.

Beba Fink, born in 1968 / Graz, lives in Styria and Vienna
Studies: art history  and media / Karl Franzens Universität Graz,
School of Friedl Kubelka Vienna / class of artistic photography
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna / prof. Martin Guttmann
“aquaplaning” – installation / analog monitors / rubber 2017

drunken pupils dancing in water remote from the mirrored itself
blind sliding into the deep clarity of silver glimmering in their eyes

Karin Petrowitsch is presenting a film: how people in our wold see other world inhabitants and how they treat them: A fox has got a fur

The normalization of creatures is able to give orientation to a society, but it can also cause a lot of harm. Humans, who have the power, define norms in order to dominate others much easier. They chase, motify, segregate and kill those, who do not conform to the norm. By the use of the arbitrary selection we can see the animal in the human beings. A wild fox, ill, emaciated ,without a fur and a tail like a rat doesn’t conform to the norm. Against the common attitude, to shoot this animal, the artist decided to help this fox, which she only knows from the wild-camera. By its fur it is shown, that civil courage is working. Video, about 15 minutes (from 5000 short (8 second) videos and fotos from the wild-camera over a period of exactly 1 year.

Edda Strobl

*1962, Graz; lived in Switzerland and Italy, finally again in Graz.

Studies: History of Art, Philosophy, (1981-1988, Karl Franzens Universität, Graz),
Restauration (1983-85, Istituto per l’Arte et il Restauro, Florence)

Artist Groups: FOND (1991-98), TONTO (since 2000), founder of TONTO-COMICS (2000)

Bands: BURNING (1998/99), LALELOO (Videos, 2002-2005), EXTOFITA (since 2005), RUED (since 2006)

Grants: foreign scholarship in London (1996), Chicago (2000)

Prizes: Kunstpreis der Stadt Graz (1999), Silicon Graphics Workshop (1998)

Starting in the early 1990s main focus on printed (mass) media, film, found footage material and photos as source material: drawings and collages, publications, flyers, product design, acryl paintings; often presented in installations or performances. Often interactive, often as a contribution to a team (artist groups FOND, TONTO…).

Hobbies: music (git., voc.), producing videoloops and animation.

I consider myself as a graphic artist with a disposedness to narrative structures.
As since quite a time my main interest goes to comics, I will focus on this topic in the following statement.

…the fact that most children start drawing when they learn to speak, points out that drawing must be a form of communication-tool…and if they don’t stop drawing, when they get older (as most people do), they will start to turn towards some sort of abstraction by inventing grafic codes in their drawings, enrich them with text somtimes.
In my case, the drawings became finally a language. Drawing in order to tell a story. Sequences. Comics.

In 1999 I published my first comic book (The Diary). In the same year I started to teach comics in workshops. In 2000 I founded “tonto-comic” as a branch of the music label “tonto” (which was founded in 1992 by Helmut Kaplan, who is a comic-artist, too). Today Helmut Kaplan and me run Tonto-Comics together. Concerning the comics see the TONTO COMICS webpage.

This, being publisher and drawing my own stuff, I guess, is the status quo.


Edda Strobl is showing “Born” (2012, 2017):

6 sequential sheets, DINA3, Prints
“Born” was made within the multistage experiment “Bohren in Welt” (Drilling into World) by the artist group “Tonto”, at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, 2012.
It was about appropriation of “world”.
The sequence consists of fragments of text and fragments of images out of an archive which was available at the experiment.

Beba Fink: “aquaplaning”
installation / analoge sichtgeräte / gummi
2017 / installation / analog monitors / rubber


Karin Petrowitsch: Fox, foto from the wild-camera

Edda Strobl,”BORN” 2012, Text- und Bildfragment fragment of text and image, DINA3, Print

StrOblak are showing a

Videoinstallation: “In the wrong place at the wrong time.” (2015-2017)
Extraterrestrials try to communicate with earthlings but catch the wrong ones…
more information

StrOblakVideoinstallation: “Zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort” /”In the wrong place at the wrong time.”(2015-2017).

Bishwajit Goswami (b. 1981) is a Bangladeshi visual artist who uses painting as his primary medium. He holds a MFA from Santinikatan (West Bengal, India) and is now a lecturer at the Drawing & Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh). Goswami regularly participates to international residencies and is currently taking part to the Academic Visiting program of the Yunnan Arts University (China), where he will be staying for 3 months.
Goswami’s distinctive style is characterized by a hyper-realistic figurative approach which draws influences from techniques of photography. A highly skilled painter, he has gained attention for the chromatic subtlety of his work, which is epitomised in his renditions of various light effects on black and white tonalities. The artist maintains a visual language in constant flux, and strives to create new approaches and ideas through other media such as photography, print making and installation.
Goswami’s work has been exhibited in several international forums such as “Art Wind Rises”, an International Art Exhibition at the X-Power Gallery in Beverly Hills (USA) 2009; “Moving Images 9” at the Saffron Art Gallery in New York 2011; “Art Asia Miami” 2012; the 15th Beijing International Art Expo (China) 2012; the Dhaka Art Summit (2016, 2014, 2012), the Asian Art Biennale of Bangladesh (2016,2014, 2012, 2010,20 08), the Beijing International Art Biennale (2015, 2012), the Setouchi Triennial Japan 2013; the Yunnan International Art Exhibition (China) 2016.
Goswami received several accolades, among which an award received from 16th Asian Art Biennale (Bangladesh); the National Young Artist Award (editions 2012, 2010,20 08); the inclusion of his work in the Bangladesh National Art Biennale of 2011, 2009. He is a recipient of the Elisabeth Greenshield Foundation award (2009 and 2011), which helps promising artists in the early stages of their careers.With his installation LADY SLIPPERS Goswami is reacting to the violence against women: suppression, exploitation, abuse and murder.

Bishwajit Goswami (Installation): LADY SLIPPERS 2012

“Guest work”

Claudia Koller „Facebook” 2017

Claudia Koller „Facebook” 2017