Signs of the landscape

Richard Frankenberger: Winter-Spaziergang / Winter Walk 2017-01-23

Magdalena Frey (film, photo-collage), Richard Frankenberger (photo, picture)

Their images of various landscapes with this specific qualities investigate or even evoke a contextualization with various social and cultural correlations.

How does a landscape impinge on their habitants, and in what way the habitants have influence on their living areas and are able to manipulate it.

If it is the “real” nature controlled or performed or destroyed by humans or is it a big suffering by uncontrolled incidents p. e. of hurricanes, dryness, heat, frost … there is a correlation, which must be realized.

You will find the landscapes also in your face, your body, the environment,  the societies: hostile, modest, emphatic …

The artist will permit – by contemplating their pictures – to find an area of reflection for persons, who are interested in detecting phenomenological and social processes given by a certain degree on recognizing.

They are setting signs to share the stage of our contemporary culture.

Opening: 24th of June,  17:00 by art historian Iris Kasper

Hans Breuer, Photo Magdalena Frey

Magdalena Frey FRAUENHAAR, Photo-Collage 2016