workshop: Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables / Alternate date 27th of May

Workshop mit Reinfrid Horn

A workshop for  21 students of the 1YHKUO/K HTBLVA Ortweinschule and their art teacher Agnes Katschner with DP Irmi & DP Reinfrid Horn. – OEAD

In the garden, plants are sighted, drawn, their growing conditions researched and investigated. Special favourite plants are also to be researched in an adequate way.

The corresponding plant profile of the individual students will be presented at the end in a community book printed by Risograd – Schaumbad Graz (27th of May) on 10 June.

Vegetables and fruits as food in large-scale cultivation are often grown under environmentally harmful conditions. How can we counteract this? What do we have to look out for when growing or buying.

Plants form the basis of our food. Without the cultivation of plants, there would be neither food for humans nor fodder for animals. Plants are part of our environment. They produce oxygen and bind carbon dioxide, thus ensuring a better climate.
Exotic pests can cause massive damage to agriculture and forestry if they are introduced into our country. Exotic insects, bacteria, fungal diseases or viruses can threaten the livelihoods of farmers, forest owners and traders and have a negative impact on the quality and price of our food, as well as on the condition of our forests and parks. Climate change also contributes to pests being able to settle in areas where this was previously not possible due to climatic conditions. Preventive protection measures should prevent new, exotic pests from reaching us, spreading here and damaging our plant production and environment.
Large quantities of plants and plant products circulate every year in the borderless EU internal market or are imported from other continents. Pests do not care about customs barriers. Therefore, especially when importing from third countries, a strict control of plants, fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and certain wood assortments for pests is necessary.
Please help to keep our Austrian agriculture and forestry free of pests and observe the import regulations for plants and plant products when entering Austria from a third country.
The United Nations has declared 2020 the International Year of Plant Health to highlight the importance of healthy plants and the preservation of an environment with its great biodiversity.

For corona reasons, we have moved the workshop scheduled for 2020 at the kunstGarten to 2021.