Jim Bird TRIBUTE TO VASARELY, Litho 1972

TRIBUTE TO VASARELY & MORE Jim Bird, Rudolf Kristoffer & Alexandra Gschiel.

The exhibition shows limited graphic by Jim Bird, acryl works on canvas by Rudolf Kristoffer and a video installation by Alexandra Gschiel.

Jim Bird. Born 1937, Bloxwich, U.K. – Died 2010, Catalonia, Spain. In 1962, Jim Bird left a successful design studio in England to live as an artist in Spain and USA.  He soon became affiliated with Galeria Joan Prats in Madrid, one of the most prestigious galleries in Spain and beyond. Sustaining a tradition of gestural field abstraction, he described his work as a direct drive approach to painting.

Rudolf Kristoffer integrates in his works psychedelic color samples and geomtric forms. Depending on a specific topic, own created or known images are embedded too.

Rudolf Kristoffer
Born and raised in Graz, Austria, the art and culture of the sixtees are a major source for his artistic style. His father, who was living in the swinging London, told him many stories and tales about that time and era. This, many trips to London and ongoing concert visitis have a lasting impression on Rudolf Kristoffer himself and his thoughts. Furthermore he got interested to album covers, mainly pschedelic ones as well as to estetic and iconic images in general.

Op art, having had it`s height in the sixtees, is another source of inspiration. This art form, with it`s geometric forms, lines and circles can be linked to the minimalistic and functional nordic design, whereas the half swede, Rudolf Kristoffer has a relation to that too.

Alexandra Gschiel (*1974 Vorau).
The photographer lives and works in Graz. She makes photos, videos, textil art and installations.