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Cancelled because of Covid 19: Stefan van de Sande MOON LIGHT – CD Presentation

Copyright © 2001-2017, Stefan van de Sande (NL)

Stefan van de Sande is still touring across europe and music became his carrier; it brings him to places where he can share his music and stories with the people he meets. He lives the life of a “Troubadour”.

Scotland has been over the past few years a great influence to Stefan’s songs. His friendship with Magi McGlyn gave him inspiration and confidence to live simple and close to the source.

Also in Scandinavia and Germany he found new friends and places where he comes back every year to preform and have good times. In the winter he is often in a winter cabin in Sweden to work and record albums.

Mountains, forests, rivers, sea, roads, people and friends; they are all inspiring him for new melodies and lyrics.

For 2019 and 2020 Stefan would present his new album Moon Light here in kunstGarten.

We are sorry, that we have to cancel this musical lesson.