Ausstellung/Gartenkunst, Vortrag/Praesentation

Opening : WANDLUNGEN – TRANSFORMATIONS – Special Exhibition III 2016

Objekts, pictures, performing artworks by Sarah Bildstein, Michaela Kisling, Miriam Tinguely (Artist in Residence 2016), Heinz Cibulka, Arnold Reinisch, Jani W. Schwob
Opening 15:30 by GR Karl-Heinz Herper (town Graz) and Iris Kasper (art historian).16:00 performance Heinz Chibulka,  interaction Jani W. Schwob and artists talk.

Sarah Bildstein lives and works in Vienna. She was born in 1987 in Feldkirch, and grew up in Hohenbrugg an der Raab in South-eastern Styria. She attended Karl-Franzens University, from which she graduated 2012 in Art History. Since 2011 she has been studying at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, first with Judith Huemer’s program on ‘Extended Scenic Space’ and, since 2013, within Erwin Bohatsch’s ‘Abstract Painting’ class.

Sarah Bildstein’s conceptual work ranges across a variety of media including drawing, video, collage, sculpture, and installation. She works with abstraction in an expanded field through the use of different materials in a more sculptural way. The materials are taken out of their everyday environment and are re-shaped and placed into new contexts. Her artistic practice also often takes place in the public space, and can be seen as an appeal for a more conscious perception of our surroundings. The richly associative objects challenge the viewer’s perception. The starting point of her work is often the everyday object, or indeed industrial aides and tools which negotiate between abstraction, relationships, and social processes. Today we think entirely in terms of science, yet still entertain magical relationships towards things, people and leitmotifs. The installation “Are you away to catch fairies?” is a symbolic shifting of meaning and patterns of action beyond the conventional expedience of tools…

Michaela Kisling, born 1985 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna.
Studies since 2011 Fine Art/ Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2015 Glasgow School of Art.
Michaela Kisling´s work evokes a strong tension between what could be seen as contradictory elements and materials. They lay on the border of function and lack of the same.
Dealing with terms of deficiency and it´s supply systems, questions of perception of absence, strategies of rectification and prevention arise.
Many objects are easily recognizable, and are used in everyday life, but they deprive themselves of their functionality by little glitches.
The objects let us think of the term of scarcity of means, and of a contentment to use what we still have. Either in „remembrance“ of how our world once has been, or in anticipation of maybe how it soon will be.

Miriam Tinguely – kunstGarten artist in residence 2016 – is showing collages, works on paper, which are reflecting a poetic inner world. The daughter of Eva Aeppli and Jean Tinguely, born 1950 in Basel, spent her youth with her grand parents Tinguely in Genf, later in Bulle (in the ambience of Fribourg). 1978 she left Switzerland and lived and worked for 20 years in San Francisco, USA.
Back in Switzerland she met Pierre Keller who introduced her into the technique of etchings. Since 2001 she has made etchings in the studio Aquaforte of Monique Lazega in Lausanne. Today Miriam is living in a little wooden house on Mont-Pélerin (VD). Here she produces her aquarelles and drawings, but the engravings she is doing at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and at Atelier Aquaforte in Lausanne.
«L’aquarelle et le dessin, je m’y suis mise très tôt. J’ai toujours beaucoup voyagé et ça prend très peu de place. Je ne suis pas une aquarelliste traditionnelle, je l’utilise pour la couleur. J’aime le crayon et l’encre de Chine et surtout ces papiers japon si difficiles à trouver!», she declares.

Heinz Cibulka had early contacts with the artists of Viennese Actionism. Before acting as artist himself he worked as an actor for Rudolf Schwarzkogler and Hermann Nitsch. He created picture poems, photos, collages, sculptures and material pictures. For more than 40 years he has been a wanderer going out from his home district Weinviertel to the diverse regions of the world. He is watching unimposing actions and phenomenons, fugacious moments of life. Using computer and video art he is discovering the poetic qualities of every day. In kunstGarten he is performing a compost picture.

Arnold Reinisch, born 1962 in Graz, is creating thematic linked work series overlapping the different genres: photography, graphics, installation, painting, mixed media, sculpture and video. His works have been exhibited in Austria, Germany, France, India, Croatia, Lithonia, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom and USA.
This time he is showing garden sculptures made from cylinders of cast-off household appliances and installation tubes, which recall plant forms. The discrepancy between the appearance and the material, which is unable to produce oxygen for all creatures breathing with lungs and cannot make nutritional supplement to the earth for the growing of plants by rotting, makes a signal effect in its artistic playfulness: specious things should be replaced by sustainable things!

BACK TO EARTH. Jani W. Schwob, born 1961 in Leoben, lives in Graz and works in different genres: graphic, painting and object art. Since 1960 his works have been exhibited in Austria and other states. He will bury a hollow cube of loam. The concept is, the artificial loam form coming back to the earth. The cube will be turned back to earth by climatic influences and in future it will be habitat for plants, little animals and micro organisms. The cube is formed from natural ingredients, so his breakdown is an ecological process. The object will be buried to a third of his side length (length = 80 cm) and fixed. To make it stabil, the on his peak standing cube will be graveled. The KUBUS will be photographical observed.
Jani W. Schwob is the initiator of {vamos!gemma} in Nicaragua/Leon – a social creativ project – together with Karin Sajer and Maria Mercedes Ortizand also one of the constituters of Kunsthalle Graz.