Special exhibition VIDA RATZLAFF HACKMAN 1st of Nov 2016 – 1st of Apr 2017

Vida Hackman, ECLIPSE II

Vida Hackman, kunstGarten 2016/17

Vida Hackman, kunstGarten 2016/17

Vida Hackman, kunstGarten 2016-11-01

Vida Hackman, kunstGarten 2016-11-01

Opening VIDA HACKMAN, 2016-11-01

Opening VIDA HACKMAN, 2016-11-01

Vida Ratzlaff Hackman; A kind of conceptual artist. Opening: 1st of Nov 2016

Vida Ratzlaff Hackman, 64, an artist in a variety of media who exhibited extensively in the Los Angeles area for nearly 20 years and was one of the founders of Triad Graphic Workshop. Born in Bakersfield, Hackman received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at UC Santa Barbara and a second master’s at Cal State Northridge. She began an on-and-off teaching career at several institutions, including West Los Angeles College, in 1969. Her art making was a succession of meditations upon ideas. Etymological analysis coupled with humor and a profound sense of the ironic were among her tools. She had at least seven solo exhibitions at the Orlando Gallery in Sherman Oaks. Of her last show at the Orlando in 1998, a Times critic said, “The conceptual art spirit is alive and well in her.” But as with many artists, Hackman’s success in her field did not always yield financial rewards. “The better she got, the less money she made as an artist,” her friend and printmaking colleague Henry F. Klein said. Her final show, “The Bridge and the Boat,” is on display at the the Todd Madigan Art Gallery at Cal State Bakersfield through May 6. Of cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on April 15.

May 03, 1999 Los Angeles Times

Informations below by Vickiy Strutt-Hackman (who is married to VIDA’s son Jon:

A print is a mirror image of its matrix, and a backward rendering of its original state. Multiplicity, also inherent to printmaking processes, allows for innumerable variations, and replication of parts can suggest waves, vibrations, images that pale and reflect, and a duality of vision that reverberate in time and space. My work has consistently focused on natural imagery and my earliest images depicted landscapes with low horizons viewed from vast differences (i.e. Landscape Double X). Unlimited perspective alternatives are offered by landscape as subject matter, and my intermediate imagery employed duplicates of positions and multiple points of view. In terms of perspective, they were based on traditional foreshortening and composition on the horizontal/vertical grid. In Japan, 1973, I was particularly intrigued by a series of screen paintings that were composed of fans collaged to gold leaf backgrounds – their arc shapes read curiously like holes yet the depicted landscapes within were active with another kind of perspective contradiction. The fan shapes employed isometric or reverse perspective (lines converge in the eye of the spectator rather than in the vanishing point). In the etchings using triangular modules, isometric perspective was a natural consequence of the horizontal/vertical grid. I was employing multiple points of view by combining sections of landscape, but each landscape still represented a fixed point of view. In the newer prints represented by the collages (i.e. Cascade), I’ve begun using fan shaped plates that use either the fixed space of scientific perspective or reverse perspective within the arc shapes. These plates are primarily sections of complete circles that quite naturally revolve back upon themselves thus confining space rather than implying expanded space. Since executing the plates represented in the collages, I have designed a radial grid. The shapes and/or forms of the plates will not be sections of complete circles; each succeeding arc will not have parallel boundaries, but will rather be composed of arcs that reflect expanding boundaries. The object: to imply more space extending in all directions beyond the picture plane. In the Black Warrior Series A, the arc shaped plates with expanding rather than parallel boundaries extend into and beyond the paper edge and the images within attempt to suggest moving focus, multiple points of view, and an oblique movement that implies more space beyond the picture plane. My work is cyclical and “San Simeon Suite” represents a return to a stationary point of view. My concerns, however, are still with change, and the numerous color states afforded by a subtractive relief process – the engraving technique used for the suite – visually emphasize temporal rather than spatial change. Vida Ratzlaff Hackman Dec 1978?


Studio: 6333 Rivergrove Ave. Bakersfield , CA 93308 (805) 399-2849, Fax (805) 399-2849*51

Home: 3940 Sunswept Dr. Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 763-4882, Fax (818) 761-4828


1956 B.A.University of California, Santa Barbara 1965 M.A.California State University, Northridge 1967 M.F.A.University of California, Santa Barbara


1993-98 Trustee, Adobe Krow Archives for Vivian E. Browne, Bakersfield, California
1997 Juror, Visual Arts Festival, 1997, Bakersfield Museum of Art
1996-97 Board Member, Arts Council of Kern, Bakersfield, CA
1994 Juror, Regional Exhibition, Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara, California
1990-93 Instructor, Bakersfield College; Drawing and Art Appreciation 1992 Membership Juror, Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Los Angeles, California
1989 Adjunct Professor, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Drawing and Printmaking
1987 Juror, Carnegie Art Museum Fifth Annual, Oxnard, California
1985 Visiting Lecturer in Art, Fall Quarter, University of California, Santa Cruz; Printmaking and Special Projects in Print 1983 Visiting Lecturer in Art, Fall and Winter Quarters, University of California, Santa Cruz; Printmaking, Artists’ Books
1978-82 Part-time Lecturer, California State University, Northridge; Design and Printmaking
1980 Guest Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach; Printmaking
1979-80 Guest Instructor, Santa Barbara City College; Figure Drawing
1968-78 Partner, Triad Graphic Workshop, North Hollywood, California (The Triad artist partners were Jean Burg, Vida Hackman, Bong Tai Kim, Judy Strick, and Robin  Vaccarino, Triad Graphic Workshop, North Hollywood )
1977 Juror, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; “Ink and Clay V” 1969-77 Instructor, Los Angeles Community College, West Los Angeles College; Design and Drawing 1965-67 Assistantship, University of California, Santa Barbara; Painting


1998 Recpient, Richard Florsheim Art Fund Grant 1998 Arts Council of Kern Arts Awards, Arts Advocate 1996 Cash Award, San Diego Art Institute 41st. Annual International Exhibition, San Diego, CA, Peter Frank, Juror


1996 Arts Council of Kern Arts Awards, Cultural Arts Achievement
1988 Guest Artist, Slide Lecture, Douglass College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
1987 Guest Artist, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
1984 Recipient, Design and Printing Arts, Woman’s Building Annual Vesta Awards and Mayor’s Certificate of Appreciation, Los Angeles, California, October 21, 1984
1984 Residency Grant funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, Woman’s Graphic Center, Los Angeles, California
1983 Artist-in-Residence, ARCO Grant, Intergenerational Pilot Program, San Fernando Valley Arts Council, Northridge, California
1981 “Seventh National Print Exhibition,” co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Printmaking Society and the Grunewald Center for Graphic Arts, Dickson Art Center, University of California, Los Angeles; Purchase Award
1977 Guest Artist, Black Dolphin Workshop, California State University, Long Beach
1974 “Second New Hampshire International Graphics Annual,” Nashua, NH; Cash Award 973 Library of Congress and National Collection of Fine Arts, “23rd National Print Exhibition,” Washington, D.C.; Purchase Award
1973 “Los Angeles Printmaking Society First National Print Exhibition”, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, California; Purchase Award
1970 Manchester Institute of the Arts and Sciences, Manchester, New Hampshire; Purchase Award 1969 James D. Phelan Award in Printmaking, San Francisco, California
1969 St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York; Purchase Award
1969 “DeKalb National Prints and Drawings Exhibition,” Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois; Purchase Award
1969 Ohio University, “Ultimate Concerns Exhibition,” Athens, Ohio; Purchase Award


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