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ORF Long Night of Museums 2023

kunstGarten has participated in the Long Night of Museums since 2005.


Programme 2023

PERMANENTLY, the ARCHIVE HORTOPIA: Art.Garden.Library offers numerous works of contemporary art amidst Flora Performing, an extensive plant scenery, indoors a garden library with more than 4500 titles from 5 centuries as a reference and lending library & a film art collection. In front of the entrance, the PAYER-WEYPRECHT- ISLANDS in the PUBLIC SPACE and the STREET GALLERY at the fence of kunstGarten & opposite at the A1-Telekom-building are open around the clock to give everyone access to current art.

On 7 October at 16:00 there will be an opening RESILIENCES. AN APPEAL.
Sabina Hörtner, Dasha Shishkin, Oto Rimele. 

Curator: Irmi Horn

Through the artists’ presentations, the aim is to enhance the individual’s ability to recover or respond to challenges and change.

18:00 -18:40

Overview tour with Reinfrid Horn: The history of the kunstGarten, objectives, programme and the ARCHIVE HORTOPIA: Art.Garden.Library – will be presented during a tour: Contemporary Art … & Flora Performing. Indoors: Media Sculpture Garden Library – over 4500 titles from 5 centuries, reference and lending library & video library (approx. 5000 titles of film art) // Canteen open.

The public can find out which programme takes place in the kunstGarten throughout the year.

kunstGarten links contemporary art and science with the natural and cultural space of the garden. The collection “Archive Hortopia: Art.Garden.Library”, the exhibitions and a varied programme create a meeting place for communication and knowledge transfer.

In order to bring art closer to people who are far removed from culture in the sense of human rights, kunstGarten has been showing works of contemporary art to all passers-by via Street Gallery since 2019.

In addition to the permanent exhibition ARCHIV HORTOPIA: Kunst.Garten.Bibliothek – Contemporary Art & Flora Performing and Media Sculpture Garden Library (Indoors) – the exhibition “RESILIENZEN. A CALL” with Sabina Hörtner, Dasha Shishkin & Oto Rimele can be seen.

The evening show garden of the “Archiv Hortopia” with installations of contemporary art amidst the autumnal flora invites you to a sensual experience with plant scents and touch after dark. The evening lighting conveys a fairy-tale atmosphere. The meta-level is indoors: 4,500 garden books from five centuries invite visitors to browse.

The guided tour provides an overview of art, gardens and the library, and garden questions are answered. In autumn, autumn asters, dahlias, aconites, zinnias and garden chrysanthemums add special colour accents. Indoors, the rich media sculpture Garden Library is available to those interested.

18:45 – 19:30 Artist Talk & Guided Tour with Sabina Hörtner & Oto Rimele

With their works, the artists try to call for the necessary attention of people towards all fellow earthlings in order to strengthen everyday culture with regard to the value and importance of the surrounding phenomena.

19:30 TEXTS: Irmi Horn reads current literature by  Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu– indoors (Women Empowerment).

Irmi Horn

20:00 – 22:00 ArtFilm

Nigel Gavus (A) & Eilert Asmervik (N) “Untitled _ Ein Film ohne Titel” (Video, Color, Sound, 28 min, 2022) /// ☆ Interstar Film Production ☆

Film still “Untitled”, 2022.  Our time is defined by crises that have immediate consequences for our current coexistence and for the future of humanity. They are complex, frightening and lead to different reactions: to fear, despair and hopelessness, but also to denial, anger and hatred. They divide our society and thus prevent us from recognizing the essential point. In this untitled film, filmmaker Nigel Gavus and sound artist Eilert Asmervik move seemingly disoriented through the encountered landscape. The protagonist feels his way through potential realities of a city by collecting sounds, distorting them and alienating urban spaces into visionary as well as dystopian worlds.

Anaïs Horn (A): The Sun Had Not Yet Risen, 2020–2022, color, sound, 21:32 min, sound by Eilert Asmervik and Paul Müller-Reyes.

Anaïs Horn FilmStill “The Sun had not yet risen”

Virginia Woolf. THE WAVES.“I see nothing. We may sink and settle on the waves. The sea will drum in my ears. The white petals will be darkened with sea water. They will float for a moment and then sink. Rolling over the waves will shoulder me under. Everything falls in a tremendous shower, dissolving me.”
Anaïs Horn (A): Longing Ghosts in Deep Blue Paranoia, 2022, color, sound, 13 min, sound by Eilert Asmervik, words and voice by Estelle Hoy.
Longing Ghosts in Deep Blue Paranoia (2022), which is dedicated to Charlotte of Belgium, who lived in the Castle of Miramare (IT) after her wedding to Maximilian of Austria. When he became emperor of Mexico in 1864 their tragic story started to unfold: Suffering from a hopeless political situation, a lack of love, and unfulfilled motherhood, she was diagnosed mentally ill at the age of 26. After his execution in 1867 she spent 50 years in isolation.

21.00 bis 00.00 Uhr * Bibliothek, Artists Short Cuts & kunstGarten-Dokus 

Film Still – Anaïs Horn: Longing Ghosts in Deep Blue Paranoia, 2022

Film Still – Anaïs Horn: Longing Ghosts in Deep Blue Paranoia, 2022

Dan Robert Lahiani (F/ISL)”Blueprint,  2022, 11 min. 

FilmStill – Dan Robert Lahiani BLUE PRINT, 2022

22:15 – 24:00 kunstGarten-Documentations

Performances from the extensive art programme can be relived via video clips.

TICKETS ON SITE € 15 / reduced € 12 !


Canteen open!

* Indoors mask as required?.

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