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CD presentation & lesson in music: haring & the trouts 


haring & the trouts is a queer feminist alternative country rock band founded in 2010 by sol haring and kordula knaus. Brushing country against the grain their original songs about rebels, tough women, transgender, ageism or queer love are a manifest for empowerment and joyful pride. In 2016 they published their first album “enjoy the swim“, in 2023 their second album “She don’t care“. haring & the trouts communicate via facebook, the music is available via soundcloudyoutube or spotify.

She don’t care” contains hymns to courageous pioneers*, visionary utopians* and cowboy girls without horses – in the usual crisp and self-deprecating alternative country rock sound.

Sol Haring founded this country rock project together with Kordula Knaus in 2010. They alternate on bass and guitar, then there’s banjo and violin. Stefan Schreiner on the drums.
Haring &; the Trouts are often referred to as a queer-feminist country rock band. The lyrics of the almost exclusively self-composed songs deal with women’s love, transgender, ageism, rebels and murderers. Haring & the Trouts recorded their first songs in the recording studio in July 2011.
Since 2014, Jenny K. has been supporting the trouts with violin and also a few guitars and bass riffs!

Now the band is made up like this: Sol Haring (vox, western guitar, blues harp), Kordula Knaus (guitar, banjo), Anita Peter Mörth (bass, backing vox), Irma Servatius (fiddle, backing vox), Jenny Kremsner (drums/cajon, fiddle) – (Stefanie Egger, vox, fiddle)

SOL HARING: I always wanted a side project “Country Band” to my band supernachmittag (with Anita Peter Mörth), and I wanted a band name that continued my surname with an “and the XYZ”. Since my name is Haring (in High German it means herring), the trout goes with the fish, so we became “haring & the trouts” (trouts are extremely musical fish).

This ironic note in our band name is also reflected in our appropriation of the country genre. Country is historically the music of the US working class. Today, the genre is strongly perceived as white, conservative, heteronormative, etc. Kordula says it’s interesting to brush it against the grain.

We are feminists and the themes of our songs come from our life experience.Our Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll is more: Sex & Gender Bender, we are academics (Dr Sol and Prof Dr Kordula, Dr Jenny and Dr Dipl.-Ing. Steffi), so a lot of Dr Feel Goods with a creative touch! We come from different educational and genre backgrounds – theoretical and musical.My knowledge of music theory is rudimentary, but the others are very good at it.You don’t need theory for songwriting, but it’s sometimes quite good for an arrangement and for the “common language” as band communication.It’s the mixture that makes it.We sing about shoe size 42, which is already a decent size for women.Everything that is not in the norm, that doesn’t correspond to the stereotypical image of the sexes, attracts us directly and we make a song out of it.Themes: various gender roles breaking through, trans/lesbian love, prostitution, poverty, murder, ageing, sport, faith, mensplaining, human rights and doughnuts …

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