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Lesson in music DUO BLUE GECKO

Pressefoto: Duo Blue Gecko

Richard Dopler & Barbara Reisinger, a well-rehearsed guitar duo, play selected Spanish and Latin American music: bossa nova, tango, milongas, valses ….

The styles range from flamenco to blues, rock’n roll, rock music, Latin and for some years now also country music. The two teach guitar privately and in music schools, individual lessons and in groups. Since 2020, they have been building the online music school: ►

Barbara worked as a kindergarten teacher for 12 years and offers guitar courses for children and their parents. She teaches guitar to the very youngest children from 5 years old and is the author of the MuZuMiMa guitar school for children from 5 years old. She is a certified herbalist.

Richard started in 1982 as a flamenco guitarist in the Bodega Graz. Over the decades blues, rock’n roll and country were added to the repertoire. Richard has been leading guitar courses on song accompaniment, blues and rock guitar since 1992. Textbook author for guitar.
Latest book: ► Creating instructional videos and audio-visual aids for guitar.


  • Please make reservations not later than 2 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787