Musik/Music, Vortrag/Praesentation

Duo Andrej Ofak & Borut Mori

Andrej Ofak & Borut Mori

Andrej Ofak (guitar) & Borut Mori (accordion) have played and performed on various concerts, participated at the openings of art exhibitions, diversified numerous literary evenings, and participated on other cultural events. They have written and composed a song for a movie called Expedition to the Himalayas and released their own CD entitled Naj letim (I Fly). In December 2011 they have received an award for Best Folk Cover Song at the Bisergora music festival.

Andrej Ofak and Borut Mori have been involved in music since their early childhood years. They are both academically educated and have earned their music degrees at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz.

They are about to release their second CD entitled River Echoes, which was recorded in an inspirational and acoustically ideal Church of St. Pankrat in Slovenj Gradec.

The musical compositions on this CD are mostly instrumental, but they express a sense of nature, friendship, love, and distance worlds. Those listening to this music can easily find themselves in a tranquil, joyful and timeless environment.


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