Literary Matinée: About. And all. The years.

Anita Ursula Tauss (c) Carolin Bohn

Author reading with ANITA URSULA TAUSS – born 1968, Bakk.a phil. MA, social pedagogue, trainer, gender consultant, writer. Publications in literary magazines, on the radio and in an anthology. Bewag literature prize in the poetry section.  She says about her texts:

Characteristic of my texts is the play with language by creating connotations and associations, which create a new word content from a familiar one. Phrase by phrase, the ambiguous meaning of the words creates a long sentence. For me, there is only one punctuation mark, the period. It acts as a separating as well as a connecting punctuation mark, and through its use it indicates the meaning of the word content. In this way, short texts are created experimentally, which are carried by social criticism.


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