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The Internationalwas established in 1978 by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) to raise public awareness of the role museums play in the development of society. Since then, the annual Museum Day has drawn attention to the broad spectrum of museum work and the thematic diversity of museums around the world. ICOM Austria is the largest organization of museums and museum professionals in Austria and, as a sub-organization of ICOM (International Council of Museums), co-organizer of the International Museum Day. Worldwide, more than 34,000 museums and museum professionals in more than 140 countries on all 5 continents participate in International Museum Day with activities and events.

Garden as a space for design, dialogue, knowledge space, recreation space. Exemplary for the world.

15:00 Book presentation Yun-Han LU – THE TASTE OF CORAL SAND

Yun-Han Lu was born on 26.3.1995 in Pingtung (southern Taiwan). As a small child, she saw a colour for each letter. She told her little sister stories about foreign planets and collected shells, leaves and stones with her mother – as a teenager, it was moments and sounds in the form of images and sound recordings. She passed her free time during her theatre arts studies at the Chinese Cultural University in Taipei with small self-staged flash mobs. At the moment she is studying singing at the IMUK (International Music Conservatory) in Graz and brings her childhood in Taiwan back to life in writing and pictures.

She would like to tell you something about the concept behind her book.

Synaesthesia means simultaneous sensory perceptions. Seeing music, touching smell … hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching – all five senses lead to the heart … and are to be activated in her book.

The tonality of each chapter is defined by a bossa nova rhythm and the corresponding colour. The poems and pictures in each chapter are complemented by short stories. They connect the action of each chapter – a bit like in a film montage.




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