GardenPRAXIS: Roses – Care and Pruning. With Reinfrid Horn.

Reinfrid Horn: Rosenschnitt

How to cut once-flowering and repeat-flowering roses. On site, Reinfrid Horn will give an introduction to rose pruning on Sat 13, Sat 20 & Sat 27 March 14:00 on repeat and single flowering roses and give expert tips on caring for modern and historic shrub, climbing and bedding roses. Pruning depends on whether the rose is a once-flowering or a repeat-flowering variety. The once-flowering variety should only be thinned out (= removing old, worn-out shoots) and kept in harmonious growth, while the multiple-flowering varieties, including most “English” roses, can be pruned. As a general rule, shrub roses should be pruned by no more than 1/3. Of course, it is also a question of space.Application requested. 0316262787 or


Workshop ROSEN, März 2018

GartenPRAXIS mit Reinfrid Horn

GardenPRAXIS with Reinfrid Horn: Sa 11th, Sa 18th & Sa 25th of March 14:00