Musical Lecture: DANA TUPINAMBÁ

Dana Tupinamba

The composer and song writer Dana Tupinambá (vocals, guitar) is born in Slovakia and lives for a long time in Vienna. She began her guitar studies in the age of ten and met musicians like Toninho Horta, Egberto Gismonti, Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento … Since 1994 she performs concerts worldwide.

The roots of her music are in Folk, Brazilian Music, Psychedelic Folk and Rock, also Classic, Impressionism, Early Music, Celtic Music, Fado, Blues, Ethno … and she will connect people with geographic and historian musician influences.

You will hear lyrical, melodic and atmospheric songs from guitarist, composer and singer/songwriter Dana Tupinambá in Portuguese and English with a melancholy mood, delicate vocals and sensitive guitar playing: Warm and melodic music with echoes of Brazilian groove and psychedelic atmosphere.


  • Please make reservations not later than 2 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787