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Women Empowerment: Poetry Film HILDE SCHMÖLZER

Hilde Schmölzer© Bettina Frenzel

GAV author  Anita C. Schaub  will perform live  with her poetry film HILDE SCHMÖLZER. Alternate date in case of bad weather: 22nd of June, 20:15.

HILDE SCHMÖLZER: Born in Linz in 1937, grew up in Steyr. She graduated from high school there in 1956 and then attended the two-year state school for photography in Munich. At the same time acting lessons (Zerboni School).
Then worked for a year in a photo studio in Vienna.
Continued acting lessons after passing the aptitude test at the trade union (stage workers’ section). Member of a pantomime group (performances at Viennese cellar theatres). Enrolled at Vienna University in journalism and art history. Doctorate 1966.
Travelled half of Europe as a photographer and journalist. Half a year in India. Six years in Munich. About 25 years as a freelance journalist and photographer in Vienna and Munich for Austrian and German newspapers and magazines. Worked for the ORF.
One of the first to become involved in the so-called “women’s issue” which emerged in the seventies.
Since about 1990 she has worked exclusively as an author. Focus on women’s history. “Phenomenon Witch” and “The Lost History of Women” were bestsellers.
Member of PEN from 1992, the last few years on the board. Left in spring 2000 due to political differences. From 2001 member of the GAV (Grazer Autorinnen Autoren Versammlung).
Member of the Austrian Writers’ Association and IG Autorinnen Autoren. Co-initiator of the women’s referendum. Single mother. One son.
Awarded the professional title of Professor by the Federal President in March 2008. Since 2011 member of the literary circle PODIUM.

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Translated with (free version)

Anita C.Schaub

Author, Video Artist

Born 1959 in Bermuda, grew up in Carinthia, lives in Vienna.

Master’s degree (German philology, psychology and pedagogy);
Pedagogical Academy: doctorate in women’s studies at the University of Vienna. Writing pedagogue (“Wr. Schreibpädagogik);
Poetry therapy. Writing workshops; project conceptions; interdisciplinary projects with focus on women’s art and literature; life ART.
Organizer of numerous cultural events (focus on literature) in Vienna and the provinces.
Several scholarships.
Writes non-fiction and prose. Most recently: Leben mit Em. Narrative. Edition Libica Verlag, 2018.
However, her passion has been poetry film for several years. Most recently: STEINHOF STILLE STIMMEN, documentary poetry film 2020, which we will show today.


AN EVENT OF THE GRAZER AUTHORS ASSEMBLY, organized by Hildegard Kokarnig in cooperation with kunstGarten.

Organization: Hildegard Kokarnig



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