Stefan twice: TRAVELLING TROUBADOUR Stefan van de Sande & CLASSIC GUITAR: Stefan-Frank Steinhauser

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Stefan, born November 4, 1958 in Middelburg (NL), is influenced by some old school songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young but over the years, he has developed his own style and sound. On stage he is simply himself – authentic, vulnerable and performs straight from his heart into the heart of his audience. A mix of modern folk with influences of blues and country make his concerts open and easy to listen to. Often listeners are taken away on Stefan’s emotional journey. This is because they can easily relate to his music and the vivid imagery in his lyrics, as though they were a reflection of sensations, memories and experiences in their own life.

A concert by Stefan means you sit down, relax, listen, watch and simply enjoy a truly rewarding and unforgettable night.

Stefan-Frank Steinhauser began his first guitar learning at the age of four. At 13 he started his studies for seven  years at the Konservarorium Graz (Prof. Johann Palier), 15 years old he was included in the programme for talented persons. He got 7 times the 1. award at the youth’s competition „Prima la musica“ and other prizes at Folk, Pop & Jazz competitions and also a funded fellowship of the town Graz. He graduated in June 2017.  He is teacher, composer and guitar player in different  ensembles. His Solo CD  “MOSAIK” was recorded in autumn 2017.

Stefan Frank Steinhauser


  • Please make reservations not later than 2 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787