Film/Public Viewing, Workshop/Talk

Symposion on 40th international museums day: migrations of the peoples

Gemälde von Henryk Siemiradzki, 1876

This day kunstGarten will invite to a symposion: MIGRATIONS OF THE PEOPLES

About migrations of the peoples and the reasons, effects and consequences.

Impuls Speaker: PHIL. Monika Mokre, Cultural Sciences

Born 1963 in Graz, PhD.

Studies of Political Science and Communication Research at the University of Vienna. Since 1991 research fellow at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, most recently at the Institute for European Integration Research. Since 2009 senior researcher at the Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History, lecturer at the Institute for Cultural Management and Cultural Studies at the University for Music and Performing Arts and at Webster University Vienna. Member of the Fellowship Committee for Grants of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Chair of the Advisory Panel on Cultural Diversity of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO, Member of the Experts Commission “Kulturpool” of the Ministry for Education, Culture and the Arts, Board Member of Mediacult, International Research Institute for Media, Communication and Cultural Development, and of FOKUS, the Austrian Association for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies. 

After the discussion we will show a documentary film  by Heinz Trenczak 2016: SILOS TRIESTE.

Silos Trieste, Heinz Trenczak 2016

SILOS TRIESTE Documentary by Heinz Trenczak Between the 7th and 12th of December 2015 Jenny Chapman and Andreas Polegeg from Graz were in Trieste, having made the trip in Andi’s large, old camper. Their destination was around the central silos, having heard about asylum seekers (an estimated 150 to 200 men) stranded there. The team’s goal was to help, with warm clothes, sturdy shoes, food, and care; at the same time, to document this previously almost unknown place and the “living conditions” of those seeking shelter there. I first got to know Andreas and Jenny in September of 2015, as both were helping – at first separately from each other – at a refugee protest camp in Graz; he contributed with his mobile home and a set of organizational skills, and she with food on wheels and individual attention for four weeks, again and again. Sparks eventually flew between Andi and Jenny, and they became a couple. A little later, the plan arose to travel to Trieste. The three of us. The fact that it was not I, but they who asked to accompany them with camera and microphone, testifies to the trust placed in me by the two; in addition, the personal closeness – being together day and night in the camper – contributed to creating an atmosphere that made authentic documentary filming possible. Every day, from the morning till late at night, the camper stood at the marina in Trieste. For free, which may have been prohibited, but only once someone complained. – What a contrast: Spending all day in the huge, long, drafty halls of the Silos, where the refugees had built themselves meagre, makeshift shelters from cardboard, blankets and wire fences – without light, without water, without heat; then at night and in the morning, being next to the rocking yachts, vis-à-vis the fishing boats, under screeching seagulls, between pedestrians, dogs, and amongst it all Jenny, performing her daily yoga exercises with perfect focus. *** A 2016 | Video HD | Colour | 47 minutes Camera, Direction, Production: Heinz Trenczak Editing, Colour Correction, Mix: Christoph Schmid Vis-à-vis Film production © 2016


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