Star Reading: Paul Auer

Paul Auer

PAUL AUER born 1980 in Villach, studied cultural and social anthropology at the University of Vienna, graduated from the Literary Writing course at the Institute for Narrative Art (INK), member of the Carinthian Writers’ Association (KSV) and the Graz Authors’ Assembly (GAV), lives as a freelance writer in Vienna and Millstatt, the novels “Kärntner Ecke Ring” (2017) and “Fallen” (2020) have been published by Septime Verlag so far.

A cooperation on World Book Day:

Institute for Narrative Art NOE/kunstGarten

FALLEN (novel), Septime, Vienna 2020

Strange things happen in the life of Christian, a twenty-something. His new neighbour has red eyes and is harbouring two mysterious fugitives. More and more often he dreams about how the story of Jesus might have continued after the crucifixion and becomes entangled in the legend about the devil that has kept his family in suspense for generations. An ominous photo then puts him and his friend Stefan on the trail of a conspiracy. Hadn’t Christian long since come to terms with his melancholy, unspectacular everyday life? All the more disturbing, then, the relentless pull the fiction triggers, how it gradually erases comfortable normality. Soon it becomes clear to him that he must summon up all his heroism, break the limits of his perception and expose himself to his worst fears. Is he the victim in the game or is he the perpetrator? Is he really who he thinks he is?
A fairytale-like novel about the power of myths, dreams and traumas, about identity and alienation and the longing for a lost paradise. But above all, FALLEN tells of a great friendship, of a love that overcomes every boundary, even that of death.

A multi-layered novel that seeks its role models in magical realism and goes its own independent way. Sophie Weilandt, Zeit im Bild (ORF)

A novel that knows how to enchant sense and nightmare incomparably in language. Walter Pobaschnig,

A refined limbo, in which above all the reader is in good hands. Andreas Peterjan, The Bridge

It is a beautiful, confused and enchanting work. When reading it, one always has the feeling that one is walking through a modern painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Hauke Harder,

Confusing, disturbing, to be worked out, like life itself. Peter Pisa, Kurier Translated with (free version)


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