The identity of each and every individual is present when the mammalian human is not a clone.
We should appreciate that.

But how this identity can play out lies especially in the work of artists and scientists, who use a wide variety of subject matter and form, materiality and media to communicate their respective work.
Both genres make up humanity.

Anna Riess & Christian Kri Kammerhofer  approach the subject in different ways.

Anna Riess is an artist living and working in Vienna. All her creations are made in her studio in the second district. After studying architecture followed by a master’s degree in cultural anthropology in 2012, Anna began to focus on creating with her hands.
Through a three-year course in contemporary jewellery design, Riess began to express her critique of society by shaping objects in close relation to the female body in ceramic, metal and textile.
Through the experiential values of being a mother, Anna Riess has a strong urge to address the female body as a subject of creative research and inspiration and to highlight social conditions. By taking up the pliable and fragile qualities of clay and porcelain in order to carry out an “annihilation of the everyday”, she succeeds in creating a new language of form that arouses curiosity. She celebrates the nipple as an ornament in search of contact, similar to an eye.
She became known for her sculpture “Speckgürtel” or the small “Tittitassen”.

Anna Riess exhibits internationally and has already had the pleasure of working with the following partners:

Volkstheater Wien 2018, Café Kandl 2019, Atelier Karasinski 2021&22, mama matters 2021, Christina Seewald 2021, Sophia Süßmilch 2021&23, Glein 2022, Creme de la Creme 2022&23.


2016 regarding revolt, group show, curated by Eva Zar at RRRiotfestival, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2017 initiation, concept, organisation ‘SchmuckSkulptur’ Nordbahnhalle, group show, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2018 diploma chosen for „Symbiosis“ Art Jewellery Night Budapest / Ékszerek Éjszakája, Budapest, HUNGARY
2018 diploma chosen for JOYA 2018 Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects , Barcelona, SPAIN
2019 9th of March, Moskau Exhibition Center of Saint-Petersburg Artist Union, RUSSIA
2019 group show and workshop „Von Händen“ Anna Khodorkovskaya & Anna Riess Stadtlabor, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2021 group Show „Sonntag Nachmittag auf der Insel“ Tina Graf, Anna Riess, Eva Yurkova, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2022 FINAL SALE – Systemerhalterinnen intervenieren, Jan Arnold Gallery, MQ, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2022 artist talk online and group show, Haus des Papiers, Berlin, GERMANY
2022 ‘EXPO22‘ group Show, Spoiler Aktionsraum, Berlin, GERMANY
2022 ‘belly bacon’ at Museum Angerlehner, AUSTRIA
2023 ‘belly bacon’ at Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, GERMANY
2023 artist talk & workshop at Haugar kunstmuseum, Tønsberg, NORWAY
2023 on 8th of March ’set in stone’ up for Auction, Artcare, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2023 Clay on display, group show, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2024 ‘belly bacon’ at SeMoCA, Seoul Museum of Craft Art, Seoul, KOREA

Christian Kri Kammerhofer, born in 1971 in Bruck an der Mur, completed an apprenticeship as a gilder and painter in Kindberg, then attended the sculpture master class in Graz with Erwin Talker from 2001-2003.
2013 to 2016 curator of the Schaufenstergalerie Scharf/Feinkost Mild Graz.

Solo exhibitions:

2021 – “waking, dreaming and whisking”, Airport Gallery Graz.
2020 – “Annähernd Angorawolle”, Querort Gallery, Graz; “LEIDENschaftunVERMÖGEN”, Atelier 12, Graz
2017 – “Heal your wounds”, Narren Kastl, Frohnleiten
2016 – “Coffee for the battered soul”, Atelier 12, Graz
2015 – “Crystallisations”, Minoriten, Graz
2014 – “Gefällt mir-Gefällt mir nicht mehr”, Gallery 44QM, Hartberg
2012 – “geKRItzel”, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz
2011 – “irReal”, KHG Gallery, Graz
2010 – “defeKt”, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz
2009 – “profaner Altar”, Gallery kunst.wirt.schaft, Graz
2007 – “my neighbours”, Fotogalerie Grazer Rathaus, Graz Collective exhibition selection
2022 – “Lost in the City, Citypark, Graz”.
2021 – “14 artists of this city”, Citypark, 8020 Graz