Musik/Music, Vortrag/Praesentation


Duo SaitenPULS

Irmi Horn recalls 10 December 1948 in Paris with a reading of the UN Charter of Human Rights. It becomes clear in how many countries human rights are disregarded and downright trampled underfoot.

kunstGarten invites you with the duo SaitenPULS. Christina Pulker – violoncello & Adela Skrilecz – guitar invites you to celebrate the beginning of winter musically with a fine mixture of compositions.
The guitar-violoncello duo has been together for 7 years. Performances at the Orpheum Extra and l in Switzerland. The primary goal is to present the unique sound mixture of the two instruments to our audience. The programme ranges from old renaissance and baroque music to modern contemporary music: Antonio Vivaldi, Luigi Legnani, Enrique Granados, Matteo Falloni, Astor Piazzolla. An important part is the presentation of pieces by Spanish composers such as Manuel de Falla, which are rarely performed and produce a particularly beautiful sound colour, especially in this formation.

The Duo SaitenPULS – Christina Pulker (cello), Adela Skrilecz (guitar)  will give an introduction into different music stiles by performing muscial examples from Renaissance till 20th century.

Please make reservations not later than the evening before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787.