Musik/Music, Vortrag/Praesentation

Musical lesson: CROSSING STRINGS

Carina Maria Linder und Markus Schlesinger

Crossing Strings, the Austrian crossover guitar duo consisting of classical guitarist Carina Maria Linder and fingerstyle guitarist Markus Schlesinger, combine the world of fingerstyle guitar with that of classical guitar in their programme, chat about the backgrounds of our own compositions and let their own arrangements of pop evergreens resound both instrumentally and vocally.

A duo that at first glance could not be more different, in which two seemingly completely different worlds collide. Consisting of Carina Maria Linder, who dedicated herself to the classical guitar at the tender age of 8 and has achieved considerable success in chamber music at various international guitar competitions, and Markus Schlesinger, the internationally touring fingerstyle guitarist and founder of the Vienna Fingerstyle Festival, who complements this duo with his refined original compositions and groovy arrangements of well-known songs. The stylistically diverse duo is characterised by its special original compositions and creative arrangements full of groovy beats, aesthetic sounds, catchy melodies as well as two-part vocals. By bridging two seemingly contrary worlds, this duo indulges in a multi-faceted symbiosis of classical, jazz and popular music to transport the audience into completely new and unknown musical spheres. The audience can expect a varied programme with entertaining moderation.