Sientific cooking symposion with Dr. Fritz Treiber

Dr. Fritz Treiber (K.-F. Uni Graz)

The molecular biologist Dr. Fritz Treiber from the Geschmackslabor University Graz performs a molecular cooking workshop and will speak about colors, salts, earths, tastes, super food, form meat – using the encyme transglutaminase, espumas and gels … People over 70 have only about 33 % of the originally available taste cells of a young man or women. In a similar way the smelling cells are reduced.

Like artists make an analytic control by testing and editing materials for their work the molecular kitchen is investigating the cooking-processes and the culinary enjoyment.

The results can help to sensualize our mouth feeling and update the process of eating.

Costs of participation: € 12,-


  • Please make reservations not later than 2 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787.