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IN MEMORIAM PROGROM NIGHTS 1938: Ciné privé Against Forgetting. Mascha Kaléko. Literature & Film

With Irmi Horn: In memory of the pogrom nights and the terrible consequences. With literature & film we want to let empathy grow and stand up against hatred, prejudice and hostility.

Mascha Kaléko Deutsches Literatuarchiv Marbach (


With charm and humour, with erotic radiance and social criticism, the young Mascha Kaléko conquers the hearts of the city dwellers in Berlin of the Weimar Republic. She was 22 when she published her first poems. They are verses in tender, feminine rhythms that everyone understands because they deal with things that everyone experiences: love, farewell and loneliness, financial hardship, longing and sadness. She became famous in Berlin in the twenties and thirties with this “utilitarian poetry” in the best sense of the word, and even today, a hundred years after her birth, her fan base continues to grow. Her poetry is always accompanied by a pinch of irony, never allowing any sentimentality to emerge. It is this peculiar mixture of melancholy and wit, constant topicality and political acuity that makes Mascha Kaléko’s poetry so irresistible and timeless.


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