Literary Performance: MARLENI

MAR-LENI, 1930

Marlene (Irmi Horn) & Leni (Wera Köhler), Probe/rehearsal 2017

MarLeni, Sep 2017

Thea Dorn took the late evening of 5th of May 1992 as re-visiting-day. The “Nazinutte” Leni Riefenstahl and  the “Amihure” Marlene Dietrich are looking back at their lives, works, men, careers … This night died Marlene Dietrich in her apartment in Paris in the morning of the 6. of May.

Dramatic performance (according to Thea Dorn) by Irmi Horn & Wera Köhler. Bar pianist Henrik Sande.

Dietrich & Riefenstahl: a Century in two Lives


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