Lore Heuermann: Grafik

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Lore Heuermann 2017

Lore Heuermann WIND UND WOLKEN (WIND and CLOUDS) 2017

Opening by Iris Kasper, B A.  When Lore Heuermann (80) is looking on her life, she can say, there were many incidents, cruel and happy ones. After a childhood in the time of war she learned to be wife and artist  in the sixties, when some young people started to say no to a life full of lies and conservativism in a conspiracy of silence. With her life, her disposition, her written and painted art she tried to find ways to create an emphatic appreciation and comprehension for a fair and just sociality in our world.

It is necessary to  know, that the flowing of knowledge and sience from one person into each other can elevate the development status of any society.

With her reduced little pictures she shows the sensitivities of humans and the dependence from the other humans and living organisms in a world which can be formed by its habitants.

This exhibition shows also works by Miriam Tinguely, books by BÜCHERSEGLER, garden tools by SNEEBOER  and other things from our collection. So you have the chance to find nice, individual gifts.