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Literature & Film: ICH HATTE VERGESSEN, DASS ICH VERWUNDBAR BIN (Delphine de Vigan)

Irmi Horn

Mathilde lives with her three sons in a small flat in Paris. Since the death of her husband, she has taken care of them alone and is proud of the result. The boys are independent and get on well in life. Mathilde can no longer say that about herself. Until some time ago, she pursued her profession with great enthusiasm. But for months now, her work situation has been deteriorating visibly. Is it really because she openly contradicted her boss in a meeting? Is that why she is excluded from all important meetings? And is that why only trivial tasks end up on her desk? Desperate and at the end of her tether, she goes to see a fortune teller. She predicts a special encounter on 20 May. Mathilde begins to hope. But for what? For a liberating conversation with her boss? For the return of her old strength? Or a meeting with a very special man? The day of prophecy dawns …

DELPHINE DE VIGAN, born in 1966, achieved her definitive breakthrough as a writer with the novel ‘No & I’ (2007), for which she was awarded the Prix des Libraires in 2008 and the Prix Rotary International in 2009. Her novel ‘Nach einer wahren Geschichte’ (DuMont 2016) was on the bestseller list in France for weeks and received the Prix Renaudot in 2015. The author lives in Paris with her children.


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