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Ciné privé: film art – Against forgetting 12th March 1938


One focus of our film art programme is, among other things, the coexistence of people, their confrontation with conflict situations. Circumstances of need that contribute to revolts and war are examined, as well as personal and social constraints and sensitivities that individuals have to deal with in their own lives and as world inhabitants in a threatened natural environment. All of these sensitivities are examined by directors in a cheerful, serious, ironic, sad, sentimental, instructive, disturbing or constructive way and want to contribute to meaningful communication and empathic understanding.
Many films belong to the kunstGarten series WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

We want to show a film against forgetting this day.

On the 12th March 1938, German troops crossed the borders to Austria – the day of the “Anschluss” of Austria to the German Reich. Already in the early hours of the morning, the Reichsführer-SSHeinrich Himmler and the head of the security police and the SD, Reinhard Heydrich, had landed with an airplane in Vienna Aspern; immediately the Austrian police apparatus was “equalized”. In the afternoon, Adolf Hitler crossed the border in his native city of Braunau; in Linz he met with Arthur Seyß-Inquart, who had been appointed Federal Chancellor in Austria the night before under pressure from the German Nazi leadership.

The absence of international protests and the cheering mood in large parts of the Austrian population encouraged the Nazi leadership to integrate Austria into the German Reich earlier than planned and completely.

The images of the “Anschluss” – the cheering population on the streets during Hitler’s triumphal journeys, the public humiliations of Jews, the numerous arrests of opponents of the regime, the “wild” Arianizations – all this has burned into the collective memory.

The extinction of democracy, hatred and violence followed this event.

We are also now experiencing how such despotic “ruling structures” degenerate in different countries.

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