A Tribute to Christoph Schlingensief – indoors only for 6 visitors

CHANCE 2000 Pfahlsitzen am Eisernen Tor 1998: Irmi Horn

An evening for a an artist genie  and friend CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF (* 24. Oktober 1960 in Oberhausen; † 21. August 2010 in Berlin): TALK & documentation.

After remembering Christoph Schllingensief on the anniversary of his death in August, we will celebrate his birthday with conversations and documentaries of his theatre work with him. Irmi and Reinfrid Horn had professional and friendly relations with Christoph Schlingensief. As Anna Maria Gruber, Irmi has portrayed Horn in several of his productions (Schnitzler’s Brain 2000 / Hurra Jesus – Ein Hochkampf 1995 in Graz – Begnadete Nazis. 1. Großdeutsches Germania-Stechen 1996 in Vienna)
Christoph Schlingensief was someone with a special commitment to humanity, open discourse to preserve human dignity and respect for living beings. He loved harmony and appreciated states of being comfortably let down in the circle of his friends. But since these moments are only a tiny fraction for a few and mostly privileged people in world affairs, he could not find peace and worked steadily. His art, his idea of the traditional and the new seemed provocative to some. For a thinking person, however, his works – in every category – were processes docking on the personality of each individual, which could make humour, sadness, joy, pain, as touching and sensitising moments of a human society that went to the core, bindingly conscious.


  • Please make reservations not later than 2 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787