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Petra Kapš/OR poiesis: Spell of Silence

Petra KapšGertrude Moser-Wagner, Alfred GrafKurt Spitaler & Pouya Gourabi

Petra Kapš (alias OR poiesis, 1975, Slovenia) is an artist, writer, curator, working as freelance author.

In the field of sound, radio, book art and performative practices she works under the name of OR poiesis. She waves her work in between sound art, radio, poetry sonor, books, performance.

Word, her core medium, she extends with sonic spheres of chrono-spatial poetry. She develops specific artistic practice poetry sonor, practicing live oration, performative field recording, poetic performance, acoustic and ambience explorations, radio, she is interested in aural memory and deep time of the body. Incorporating syntemporal presence through digital spheres she researches possibilities of intimate radio and is concerned with void ear of internet listener. Her sound/radio/book works are located solitudes. Homepage:

Stones connects the human with the ancient, authentic, cosmic elements of the world. The intent is to amplify the vibrational qualities of the stone, transfer them into the human hearing range and integrate them as an interactive sound-frequency field that resonates with a listener’s body and consciousness. The artist is interested in the behavior of different material and biomorphic fields as well as their interference.

Gertrude Moser-Wagner, born at St.Georgen/Murau in Styria, Austria, in 1953 lives and works in Vienna as a free-lance artist.
Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna,
with professor Bruno Gironcoli.

1982-90 Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts for Arnulf Rainer’s master class. Summer 1990 artist/lecturer at the Progetto Civitella d’Agliano, Italy.
1990-92 Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, in “Interdisciplinary Techniques” for the master class of guest professor Beverly Piersol.
Since 1996 VICE VERSA art projects together with Beverly Piersol.
Since 1993 Workshops and lectures abroad (Bologna, Los Angeles, Munich, Glarus, Plüschow, New York, Owen Sound, Durham etc.)
Adjunct Professor at Webster University, Vienna (1999-2009)
Studios abroad: Rome (1994) and Kraków (1997). Artist in Residence at UMAS, Durham, Ontario (2000)
BMUKK-pilot project on „Mentoring of women by women in the arts“ (2011)

Fields of Artistic Endeavour

Concept, sculpture, video. Since 1979 exhibitions and projects; since 1983 video; since 1985 art in public spaces, interventions, symposia, communication projects, texts; cooperating with artists and scientists from other disciplines

Pouya Gourabi was born during the Iranian revolution and grew up during wartime. His love for films started during those days when he saw ‘The Third Man’ by Carol Reed and at a young age he was struck by films. When Pouya started to show more love for films, little by little, he saw and learned about the New Hollywood films and the World Cinema, from Kurosawa to Kubrick¬.

Fast-forwarding his life from the early 1990s when he emigrated to the Netherlands, to studying filmmaking at the Art Academy, to working on short films, underground films, art films, and commercials in the Netherlands, Serbia, USA, Iran, Italy and Kuwait.

Director Statement:

The idea to make the low-budget film THE SECOND AUDITION was to create a zeitgeist about the life and times in the Hague area in the Netherlands: to make a film about the almost-surreal circumstances and to represent these in a realistic mood.
Being inspired by the revisionist detective films of the 1970’s and their usage of the classical hardboiled elements helped me write the story.

Watching a lot of autonomous first feature films also helped me to identify the genres of the story in order to use each shooting day with a different team of actors, because of the tight schedule and budget limitations. THE SECOND AUDITION is an independent art film, a midnight movie that tends towards the social satire genre. With soundtrack by the Electro music pioneer Legowelt, the story forces the main unemployed actor David Geysen to move thorough the streets for a private job.

THE SECOND AUDITION is somehow an international production with Belgian, Dutch, Iranian, Pakistani and Somalian actors. Shahin Khakpour at Studio Moon in Tehran, Iran did the sound editing and the final mix, everything online.

Short Synopsis: An unemployed actor returns to his old theatre company to do an audition with his colleague, for a play that they have performed many times before. Under the direction of the newly named artistic director the actor is asked to try out a mask, which he refuses. After a heated argument the actor leaves the scene. In the dressing room his colleague gives him a telephone number for a private job…

Alfred Graf is born 1958 in Feldkirch, studied in Vienna: Akademie der bildenden Künste.

Alfred Graf’s approach to his art is exemplary for manifesting the amalgamation of art and science in today’s world. For years Graf in his pictures has studied the sediments and rock formations from  landscapes all over the world. In doing so he has been scientist, curator and artist rolled into one. On the one hand, he collects the different essences of the landscapes such as sand and rocks, pollen and beeswax, brings them together and reprocesses them in his studio alchemically. On the other hand, however, the materials are meant to create an image as directly and as uninfluenced by the artist as possible. His work is thus the paradoxical and great acrobatic attempt to let the world be what it was to begin with.

Kurt Spitaler,

grew up in Judenburg (Styria) and Grossbuch (ctn)
Study of Sociology (1991 diploma with distinction)
He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine
Arts with Bruno Gironcoli (1999 diploma with distinction)

lives in vienna, works in Kottingbrunn (NÖ)

Künstlerhaus Wien
Kunstverein Baden
IG-Bildende Kunst

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