Literary Open Air Performance “”Disposed. Theatre of the Ego.””

Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu

The Romanian author and performance artist Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu will appear in the Women Empowerment series with her text  in German language “Entsorgt. Theatre of the Ego” in the Women Empowerment series.

Known as an author who performs her own texts, Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu gives the audience an insight into her world of thoughts and feelings as a performer in her own direction by means of monologues, interludes, video collages and musical interludes. What does she reveal, what does she conceal in her playfully thought-out stage performance?

Three monologues intended as loose soliloquies turn into an imaginary dialogue with a dressmaker’s dummy, the protagonist’s mute alter ego. A smorgasbord of themes floods the audience, blending in all kinds of motifs, such as age and youth, health and illness, writer’s block and cook’s block, dreams or nightmares, progress and advancement, banalities of everyday life vs. philosophy of life, and so on.

All this is to be carefully compiled in the dossier of existence to be finally handed in. Thus everything experienced and thought is disposed of. “Now that everything has to be completed and compiled and tidied up in a dossier, I think, yes, worry can also be put aside…. Everything is disposed of, so to speak!…”

Dealing with finitude is handled with ingenuity, self-irony and wit.
The author uses quotations, adaptations or reworkings from the canon of literature, predominantly from Samuel Beckett, Wilhelm Busch, Franz Kafka, Eugène Ionesco, Thomas Mann and Rainer Maria Rilke, to interweave her intertextual play with particular ease and let her preference for absurd theatre shine through.

About Carmen Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu:

Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu, born in Kronstadt (Brașov) on 27.11.1956, grew up trilingual (German, Hungarian, Romanian), raised German Protestant. Attended the German school in Brasov, graduated from the Hoterusgymnasium in 1975, then studied English and German at Bucharest University until 1979.
In accordance with the regulations of the time, assigned as an English teacher to a village school in a purely Romanian environment (Prahova district), more than 100km away from her home town.
From 1983 English and from 1987 German teacher at the Honterus School in Brasov.
1995 inaugural lecture on Kafka’s work and subsequent appointment as lecturer, for German literature at Transilvania University, Brasov. Since 2000 head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (Faculty of Philology), 2004 doctorate on Thomas Mann. Since 2007 lecturer, since 2017 habilitated professor.

Literary publications since 1980: poetry in the journal Neue Literatur (Bucharest) and other German-language publications from Romania.
1988 debut as a poet in the anthology Der zweite Horizont. Cluj-Napoca: Dacia
1991: first own volume Das Aufschieben der zwölften Stunde auf die dreizehnte. Poems. Cluj-Napoca: Dacia
1995: Blackbird – black bird. Stories. Munich: Lagrev
1998: The anthill and other stories. Brasov: Aldus
2001: A Piece of the Backyard. Novellistic family chronicle. Sibiu: hora
2002: Inevitably Snow. Poems. Passau: Stutz
2007: The Funeral Goer. Stories. Passau: Stutz.
2008 Localised Times. Poems. Kronstadt: Aldus
2011 Patula Laughs. Novel. Passau: Stutz, K; edition: 1
2019 The Professoressa. An eroticon in bound and unbound speech. The POP Publishing Epic Series, vol. 102, 176 pp, ISBN: 978-3-86356-244-1.

Literary and didactic writings:
1998: The school play in German lessons and outside them. Handbook for German teachers. Kronstadt: Aldus
2006: The Splinter in the Eye. Reflections on the Interpretation of Some Narrative Works by Thomas Mann. Passau: Stutz
Since 1999 editor of the Kronstadt Contributions to German Studies. Kronstadt: Aldus.
Literary essays in journals, reviews, theatre chronicles.

School and student theatre:
Member of the Romanian Writers’ Association as well as the Society of Germanists of Romania; Chairwoman of the German-Romanian Cultural Association of Kronstadt and Cultural Officer of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (Kronstadt Local Forum).

Readings at home and abroad (mainly in German-speaking countries, also in Hungary and France).
She continues both the realistic-critical lyricism of recent Romanian-German poetry and the satirically pointed short story. In 1997 she received a prize from the Kronstadt branch of the Romanian Writers’ Union, which had also awarded her a prize for her poetry in 1993.



  • Please make reservations not later than 2 hours before the programme begins: or +43 316 262787